Friday, July 6, 2012

A return to a special place in my childhood - Fiji

My fabulous Dave gave me 6 'Ts' for my 60th birthday which I celebrated on Christmas Day last year. The six 'Ts' were:
  • Theatre
  • Treatment
  • Trinket
  • Taste
  • Treasure and finally
  • Travel
The travel was a brilliant trip to Fiji. A place that held special memories for me as I lived there (and in Samoa) for most of my early years until I was 8 years old. It was my first return since leaving there as a child.

You will see from the photos that I am posting on the blog - I will add more to my Facebook page, that a wonderful time was had. Although we were only there for one week, it was so relaxed I felt like I had been away for a much longer period.

The holiday consisted on swimming, lying around reading books, snorkling, experiencing lovely relaxed dinners, early morning swims on secluded beaches, visiting a traditional village and experiencing indigenous culture, visiting a school in the village, exploring some of my old childhood haunts - all in all the perfect holiday!

Swimming, one of my most favourite things to do in life!
I am very keen on reading with a cocktail in the other hand as well

Early morning swims, only for the keenest on the boat.
Our early morning swims were fabulous, we were taken to secluded isolated beaches to swim.
Beautiful sunsets!
Relaxed and delicious dinners.

Even managed a visit to an infant school, all the children were on holiday!
The visit to the traditional village on one of the outer islands involved much music, dancing and also a kava ceremony!
Returning to that favourite activity, snorkling was wonderful, the fish were so tame some were nibbling me!!
As well as a great variety of tropical fish, there were beautiful corals to see.
Back to that very comfortable place next to the pool with book in hand!
Dave off to do a little kayaking.
The Captain was a very very successful fisherman - busy catching our dinner!

Dave enjoying kava with the Captain of the boat.
And me, well back to what I like to do best, relaxing in the pool!!
I am very keen to return one day to Fiji with my siblings and also the 'children' we played with and were friends with. I think we could revisit the places of our childhood and our earliest memories could be shared and this would rekindle the wonderful experiences we had as children. I know for me just visiting the places brought back so many memories for me.