Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Passionate about listening to children's voices, education for sustainability, reconciliation, play and social justice

Catherine Lee and Wendy Lee!
How fabulous it was to have Catherine Lee sharing some of her pedagogical practice with us! Catherine is an early childhood teacher and is currently the Teaching Director of The Point Preschool in Sydney Australia, a community based not for profit preschool.  She has been teaching at The Point for 15 years. Catherine also presents training to many early childhood educators and organisations.Catherine is passionate about listening to children's voices, education for sustainability, reconciliation, play and social justice.  In 2008 Catherine was awarded the CeeCee Award from NSW Community Child Care Co-operative for Director with Vision. The Point Preschool was also awarded the 2011 Inaugural Earth Hour Award – People’s Choice for their commitment to sustainability.
Catherine has worked in a variety of early childhood and early intervention settings and taught Child Studies at NSW Tafe.Catherine has written an ECA Research in Action book "Stories from the Heart - connecting children and families with our Earth" and co-authored "Authentic Inclusions of Aboriginal Cultures".  This book can be purchased online
Catherine is a trained children's yoga teacher and is delighted she can connect children and families through yoga, play and mindfulness and bring happiness to children’s lives.
Catherine's workshop was entitled 
'Empowering Children to Make a Beautiful World'
Catherine discussed the importance of engaging in sustainable practices with young children and teaching them about responsibility to our planet and most importantly highlighting that each person’s actions are significant in protecting our most precious resources – each other and our environment.   
The workshop explored how young children’s dedication and care for the environment and how this has provided inspiration to others and has strengthened their community’s commitment to sustainability. 
We heard stories of young children as capable and resourceful valued members of the community and how they have been empowered to take up the sustainability challenge to “make a beautiful world”. 

Let us hope we have future opportunites to listen to Catherine!!