Friday, September 13, 2013

Visit to China

When Dave told me he had a conference to go to in Beijing, I was very excited! I immediately said that he surely could not go without me... so we planned a holiday in China. 

During the first week we were in Beijing, Dave attended his Conference and I had a lovely time working with teachers and parents in Beijing. I also had opportunities to visit early childhood settings. 

Some of you will know Jane Zhou. I met Jane in 1998 when Dell Graham, Robin Houlker and I set off on a trip to catch up with friends in different parts of the world this included two friends working in Beijing. Cath Marr and Colleen Stedman were both were teaching in Beijing at an International School. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Jane while I was in Beijing. She has recently completed her PhD at Victoria University and has now returned home and is involved in developing an early childhood centre where she will be the key Pedagogical Leader. During my stay Jane was a fabulous translator and guide and made my trip to China something extra special!!

I will share a little of my time in China via some photographs. These first two are favourites...

Look closely and check out the use of technology

I was gobsmacked at the level of technology used over the two days
I did explain to the teachers, that if I was working with 200 teachers in NZ, I might experience one or two using cameras - but I had never seen such a high level of recording devices in one setting!

WANG Yu Yan and SUN Lu. Some of you may have met Yu Yan at the last convention. SUN Lu was extremely enthusiastic. By the end of the second day she had set up a social networking site for the teachers to share their ideas on Learning Stories.

Teachers were so enthusiastic about the NZ work.
Here I am at the State Kindergarten. They have 600 children attending and this is WANG Bo, she is the Principal of the Kindergarten.

One of the children, deeply engaged in his modelling!

The main building of the kindergarten

The modelling continues

Outside with some of the children. We are joined by the Curriculum Leader, some of the teachers and also WANG Yu Yuan.

Another classroom visited.
Jane's new centre the Lagogo Early Learning Centre in Beijing

Jane talking to some of the children during lunch at Lagogo Early Learning Centre

A visit to the Winsor Kindergarten in Beijing. Here I am with the Curriculum Leader Wendy Weng

Now an opportunity to share with parents the importance of learning dispositions