Sunday, May 22, 2011

A few skiing photos for Annika & Niki!

More to share from Norway!

It is hard to describe the joy of being in such a beautiful environment. The children were so at ease in the environment, whether they were walking or skiing. No poles allowed, for children or adults as this is the method used to ensure that children develop strong balance - and they did.... 
Initially feeling a little tentative without those ski poles!
Oh this is fun, memories of my cross country adventures in Scotland come to mind!
Oh this is sooooo very beautiful, just to be here is enough. 
The children explore and experiment, trying out all the possibilities, here turning the ski into a snow board - and off they go!

It is now home time, everyone responsible for their own gear. Each child trusted and valued in this place, taking responsibility for their own gear. Each one resourceful and resilient in their own right. A powerful place to learn.

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