Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The snow has been and gone for much of NZ, but the memories persist!!

I just wanted to share some of the amazing pictures of NZ in the snow. Yes, we get significant amounts of snow in the south, but this is not so for the north!! I so loved that way in which people responded in many places to this unusual event. There was joy, awe and wonder as people experienced this weather event, many for the first time! A high level of playfulness was evident throughout the country! Magic!

This is the Gateway to Stratford sign. The photo was taken by Celia Street.
The perfect place to be in the snow. Enjoying a hot tub, this photo was taken by Rueban Williams
Skiing on the beach in Christchurch!

Michael Moreno snapped snow in Wellington.

Even in Rotorua, the snow fell. Jemma is outside McLeods Bookshop enjoying the snow.

All in all it was just magic. Now the ski fields are in great shape, the weather has been brilliant for those who wish to enjoy winter sports in the mountain.

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