Monday, February 2, 2015


It was so lovely to spend some relaxing time at Lake Rotoiti. A time to just reflect, read and generally relax! Dave and I also love to spend time fishing. This year was no different. Many of our friends joined us and were also very successful in their fishing!!! 

Here are a few photos documenting some of my own fishing experiences this summer!!! 

Tapuaekura Bay Summer 2015
New Years Day, first fish caught early in the morning. A lovely way to start the year!
As you can see, pretty happy with this catch.
Excellent fishing continues...
Lucky we have lots of people to feed!!! 
Not as big, but very exciting fishing none the less.
Many of the fish caught this year looked like this! This means that they are eating lots of koura (fresh water crayfish) and when they are hot smoked for lunch, they are simply delicious. 

Another beautiful day fishing on the lake. 

Dave, my secret weapon!
One of the significant reasons for such successful fishing is because of Dave's extensive knowledge in this field. As a Fish Biologist of 40 plus years, he does know rather alot about fish and their habitat - suffice to say those who fish with Dave often have success!!!

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