Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hollyford Tramp, April 2016

Early start departing Queenstown, travelling alongside Lake Wakatipu we headed towards Te Anau where we picked up the final members of our group. We then travelled through the Eglinton Valley on our way to the start of the Hollyford Valley. We visited Gunn's camp and museum before heading alongside the swift clear waters of the Hollyford river looking up at the Southern Alps including Mt TÅ«toko and Mt Madeline. We tramped through the native beech forest and beside the impressive tumbling waterfalls. The landscape was stunning. Through paths of rock, mud, stone and tree roots we climbed. It was a very long first day and I know that I was very happy to see Pyke Lodge that evening. A beautiful meal was cooked and enjoyed with wine and good friends. Later there was an opportunity to feed eels and visit the glow worms.... Sleep came very easily that evening!!!!

Wendy and Dave

Gunn's Museum

The Hollyford

Waterfall on the Hollyford

Peter, Robin, Wendy and Dave

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